Monday, 20 May 2013

Stunning Dresses at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards

If I asked you the top cities in the world for fashion, what would you say? Paris, New York, Milan, Tokyo, right? But if you don't mention Lagos, trust me, you need to widen your horizon. Now, you are thinking, "Where in the world is Lagos?" That's good! Google it!

Fashion, style and spending money are important "traditions" in Lagos/Naija (slang for Nigerian) life. While this post is not about Nigeria, but a sister country, Ghana, keep your eyes out for Lagos style.

Vodafone recently sponsored an award ceremony in Ghana. Here are the ladies and styles that caught my eye.

From bellanaija

From bellanaija

ghana music awards (12)
From bellanaija

The rest of the outfits, I think, are just okay. Whites and blacks (dresses/suits) are classics. You can almost never go wrong with them!

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