Thursday, 2 May 2013

Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room and Mine

I chose orange and brown for my living room: brown sectional chaise, a brown three-seat couch, a brown stone coffee table, a pair of orange wall candle-holders and two little orange vases. Frankly more brown than orange. LOL; I still have more work to do on the orange: I plan on getting orange and gold throw pillows, an orange (and maybe brown) rug etc...

So, it pleased me to get an email from Good Housekeeping titled "54 Living Room Decorating Ideas." And no I won't share the 54 with you. Only a few that I find particularly appealing. Enjoy!

living room decorating ideas formal
Some people get scared with purchasing neutral colored furniture. But this is a perfect example of how to spice it up: glistening coffee and side tables, lots of pillows, a large rug, sculpture and some vegetation. If you are lucky enough to have a lake or ocean in the backdrop :), hey be my guest. ;)

I admit I'm partial to red, black and white. I'm sure you are not surprised that I would include this living room.
Another red, black and white.  ;)


  1. Very nice! You helped me spark some great ideas for my new home. I am actually going shopping this weekend to look at some Large Rugs for my living room and dining room. Thanks for these trendy pics and tips!


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