Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Music Artists: The Best of Kelly Rowland is Yet to Come!

Depending on your personality, you liked one of the Destiny's Child's girls more than the other two. I'll just guess and say those who loved pure talent and were looking for someone to imitate in terms of looks and maybe confidence chose Beyonce. Those who had a mix of hater personality and loved vocal talent went for Kelly because Beyonce was just "too good." And then others who saw themselves as mini-Michelles, in some way, chose Michelle.... I won't tell you who I went for, but I'll say that I believe the real Kelly is yet to stand up. We are, however, getting close to seeing her.

Kelly is blessed with a great voice, a lovely complexion, an enviable height, great beauty and a very nice figure. I know it's hard to be you and work on you when most people compare you to Beyonce. Kelly was never made to be a Beyonce or to be Beyonce, but to be Kelly. She has great depth: is able to reach into the depth of her soul because of the downfalls and obstacles she's faced in life. I mean look at Jennifer Hudson. She's won Grammys AND very close to an Oscar. Those who tried to compare her to Beyonce are wishing they hadn't. She's proven is a million times better at being Jennifer Hudson than being Beyonce. She strives to be just who God made her to be and it shows.

I believe that if the world takes its eyes off Beyonce for a second and halt the comparisons, they'll let Kelly shine. But that's not happening anytime soon. So, my wish for the beautiful Kelly is to reach down deep and discover who she was made to be. Where she doesn't have to sell sex like Beyonce does in her music and outfits, to sell records. What I want to see from her is an authenticity that speaks straight to our souls. I love her for just who she is and who her insides are begging her to show: what her full potential is. I pray that she feels it and that she shines brighter than she shines today. Kelly has been beautiful in different getups. I hope to see more of her in the limelight!

Kelly Rowland is Kelly Rowland, a child of destiny, not to be defined as a Beyonce! (And I bet Beyonce wants to world to know this too, by the way.) Watch out now!

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